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Audi Returns to Star in Latest ‘Need for Speed’ Update!

Audi S5 Sportback, R8, and RS6 iin Need for Speed Unbound

New Need for Speed Unbound Volume 6 update features the return of several incredible Audi vehicles to the legendary game title. 

When EA released the newest entrant to its legendary lineup of Need for Speed games known as Need for Speed Unbound, it did so without Audi models on the roster. Likely, this was due to a lack of licensing availability. There’s been no shortage of video game releases in the past struggling to get certain brands onboard with their respective games. Now, though, we Audi fans who also enjoy the Need for Speed franchise can rejoice.

EA just announced the new update for the title that allows gamers to compete head-to-head in a new player vs. player racing mode. The addition adds 25 new races that are available in either a dedicated PVP playing mode or while players are in free roam mode. On top of that, EA also added three fully customizable Audi models. We can’t wait to give them a go!

Avant Goodness and Mid-Engine Majesty

Modified Audi RS6 Need for Speed

The three models now available are the 2019 Audi R8 Coupe, the 2017 Audi S5 Sportback, and, to our ultimate pleasure, the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant. Each model has its own dedicated handling characteristics to reflect the real-world handling prowess of each model. In addition, each model has its own set of available modifications. This includes bespoke body kits for each model for users to truly customize their in-game Audi to their heart’s desire. Importantly, EA also integrated each Audi model’s unique engine sound to ensure gamers get the full experience associated with each car. As much as we love the RS6, it’s hard not to think we’ll immediately jump to the R8 just for that sweet singing V10 exhaust note.

Deep-rooted fans of the Need for Speed franchise will be happy to know that the developers left a nice tip of the hat for them, too. In Need for Speed: Carbon, the character Darius drove a 2003 Audi Le Mans Quattro. For those not in the know, the Le Mans Quattro was a concept car that Audi debuted at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show that Audi ultimately developed into the R8 that we know and love. The new update brings the return of the Le Mans Quattro’s styling with a Rare Custom variant of the R8 coupe.

Pay to Play

Modified Audi R8 in Need for Speed Unbound Volume 6 Update

Those familiar with EA games are probably asking what the catch is. You’re right to do so! If you want immediate access to the RS6, the RS6 body kit, and special editions of all three Audi models, it’s currently available on the PlayStation store for $9.99. Of course, you’ll need the base game as well. So, if these models are tempting you into the game, just know you’re going to have to pay for two separate entities if you want immediate access to everything listed above.

That said, we’re still super excited to see the return of Audi to the Need for Speed franchise. Who knows? Maybe we’ll run into some of you in a PVP race!

Photos: Electronic Arts



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